Purchasing and Tenders

The basic principles of purchasing system of the companies belonging to the holding enterprise RAO UES of Russia:

  • Availability.
  • Transparency.
  • No tools for obligatory competition restriction. Universal methods of purchasing.
  • Open tender the basic principle of purchasing.
  • Wide IT-technologies application.

Goods, work and service purchasing in Territorial Generating Company 6 is done according to the normative standard based on civil code, federal law on purchasing products for state needs, regulating documents of RAO UES of Russia and the best international and national experience of tender conducting.

The basis of RAO UES of Russia normative purchasing standard was created in 2001-2002 when the fundamental regulations were adopted in this field: 105 from14.03.2001(Central Tender Committee was created); 45 from 28.01.2002 (Regulation on the order of laying in supplies in RAO is confirmed), 392 from 08.02.2002 (standard documentation for different purchasing procedures).


From the beginning RAO UES of Russia has been using the most advanced purchasing methods. For example, in the electrical power field there are two electronic trade areas that were checked, approved and recommended for exploiting by the Central Tender Committee of RAO UES of Russia: B2B-enrgo.ru and TZS.electra.ru

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