Vladimirsky branch

Vladimir Thermal Power Plant-2

Vladimir generating company, plc was registered January, 01, 2005 with the registration number 1053303600030

The company nominal capital is 3, 865, 266, 606.6 rubles, is shared between 29, 165, 220 equities by at the nominal value of 132.53 rubles.

The largest shareholders are RAO UES of Russia (49%), ING Bank, Plc (Eurasia) (18.65%), "Citi-bank", plc (13.63%), "Deposit-clearing Company", plc (8.02%).

Management: The board of directors of TGC-6 was authorized to perform the function of the individual executive body (proceeding 10 from October, 1st, 2005).

Executive Director: Ivanov Leonid

Electrical power plant capacity is fixed at 406.5 MWT., heat power is 1, 161 GCal.

In 2005, energy output is expected to be 2, 223 mln. KWT/h, heat power 2, 255 thousand. GCal.

For more detailed information refer to this site of "Vladimir generating company", plc http://www.vladtec.ru/

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