21.05.2010 17:06

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07.08.2006 10:34

TGC-6, plc, Development Strategy approved

the board of directors of TGC-6 plc has approved a medium-term development strategy of the company for the years 2006-2010

16.06.2006 10:02

Report on TGC-6, plc extra shares emission is registered

Report on registration is published on site of FSFM

10.05.2006 10:19

The successive stage of TGC-6, plc holding forming comes to an end

The excess share exchange process of TGC-6, plc for Regional Generating Companies and Mordovia Heating Company completed on May, 5th, 2006

25.04.2006 22:58

24.04.2006 10:10

Annual Stockholders meeting of Nizhny Novgorod Generating Company appointed on June, 9, 2006

The board of directors of NGC plc calls a meeting on April, 20, 2006

06.04.2006 09:30

TGC-6, plc starts new issue of shares

It is planned to release 1, 500, 000, 000, 000 TGC-6 shares at the value of 1 kopeck each

20.03.2006 09:35

Extra issue of 15 bln roubles TGC-6, plc shares enrolls

In accordance with article 2 (proceeding 06-515 from August, 14th, 2005), extra issue of ordinary nominal shares and securities of TGC-6, plc was enrolled

14.04.2006 12:27

Igor German elected General Director of Nizhny Novgorod sales company, plc.

He is going to hold both the appointment and TGC-6 General Deputy Director position

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