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Territorial Generating Company number 6, plc (TGC - 6) was founded in accordance with the order of Chairman of Board of RAO UES of Russia (proceeding 103r from 25, April, 2005) on the basis of the generating capacities located in the territory of Nizhniy Novgorod, Ivanovo, Vladimir, Penza and the republic of Mordovia. The headquarters are based in Nizhny Novgorod.

The basic activity of the company is manufacture of thermal and electric energy.

The company was originally registered on April, 27, 2005

The decision of Board of directors of "UES of Russia" (the report from 29.07.2005 #200) approves transitive model of functioning of "TGC-6", TGC-6 was agreed to execute "Vladimir generating company" plc, "Penza generating company" plc, "Mordovia generating company" plc, "Mordovia thermal station " plc, "Ivanovo generating company" plc and "Nizhniy Novgorod generating company" plc.

The board of directors of TGC-6 was authorized to perform the function of the individual executive body.

The Board of directors of RAO UES of Russia (proceedings # 201 from 18.08.2005 , #202 from 02.09.2005 , #204 from 30.09-04.10.2005 ) also agreed to enable TGC-6 to control the shares of energy distributing companies Penzinskaya Energy Company plc, Mordovia Energy Company plc, Ivanovo Energy Company plc, Vladimir Energy Company plc.

The Total established electric capacity 3 139,5 MWt

The Total established thermal capacity 11 184,1 Gcal/H

The regional companies, entering a "TGC-6" group, include 14 thermal power stations, 2 state district power stations, 3 boiler-houses.

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