Annual Stockholders meeting of Mordovia Generating Company appointed on June, 5, 2006

25.04.2006 22:58

At the regular Board meeting of Mordovia Generating Company, plc it was agreed to hold an annual Board meeting on June, 5, 2006.

The Agenda will cover the topics of agreement on annual reports and annual accounting reports; amount, deadlines and profit distribution payment terms according to the results of 2005.

It is considered to register people for the annual board meeting on April, 18, 2006

The Board of directors were recommended to agree on the dividend payment terms. Regarding the results of the last 9 months in 2005, equities were charged dividends at the rate of 0.004094 roubles each. Considering the results if the last year (2005), it is recommended to set dividends at the rate of 0.011922 roubles for one share.

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