Dear colleagues,
We are doing the common cause aimed at continuous improvement of our client/ customer service  level and enhancement of power supply reliability.

We are interested in:

  • development of our company,
  • legal rights protection of our shareholders and employees,
  • improvement of economic performance of the company,
  • prevention and protection against endamagement to our company.

In case of your awareness on unlawful acts and / or breaches of regulatory documents and internal procedures of our company by its officials, contractors, partners, in case of harmful actions of these parties, please call or send SMS on +7 (916) 986-38-29 (Department of Internal Audit, CJSC IES). Well call you back shortly to clarify the submitted information.

In addition you can send an e-mail message to

Dear colleagues,
Well keep confidentiality and anonymity on submitted information. All the data submitted will pass through verification process in order to be confirmed.

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